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Orchard House

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Orchard House, a new-build in West Sussex, was constructed by MSBC in 2016. For client Chris Howarth, taking the plunge to build his new home required the perfect construction company.

With views of the sea, Chris and his wife were able to design the house with Martin and the architect exactly the way they wanted - with a large kitchen and equally large master bedroom. The master bedroom has a balcony with sea views, which Chris says has proven to be his favourite part of the house. Much of the new-build was manufactured off-site, with weekly meetings to ensure the couple were happy with the project's progress.

Chris said, "having a house built is undoubtedly a stressful occasion but MSBC did take the stress out of it, and also kept it very personable. They always referred to us, they kept us completely in the loop... and kept the finance strictly under control... The whole experience became as pleasant as possible."

He continued, when we "were looking for a building company, there were two things that we wanted to guarantee.

One is that we could take the stress out of the whole building project, and the second point was we needed to have trust in the people who were doing the building.

From the very first time we met Martin, we felt that Martin ticked all those boxes, so that’s why we chose to go with MSBC, and why we feel now, having completed the project, that we can recommend them to people."

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